A simple effective routine

Skin care has become a big industry, with hundreds of high-technology brands and products on the market. Sophisticated names and unpronounceable ingredients, as well as pages of advertising and articles in magazines, can make skin care seem somewhat confusing or even overwhelming. Oriflame gets back to the basics - quality skin care that is easy to use.

Using skin care products and following a regular skin care routine are the first steps to enhancing and preserving your natural beauty, as well as helping to combat the negative effects of pollution, stress and the ageing process.

Oriflame's skin care range offers an easy to understand, but yet technologically advanced way of taking care of your skin care needs, whether they are basic daily routines or more in-depth treatments.

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Optimals - all skin types Optimals Balance - combination skin Diamond Cellular - anti-ageing 40+ Skindividual - anti-ageing 25+ Ecollagen - anti-ageing 35+ Time Reversing - 45+ Royal Velvet - dry/mature skin Aloe - all skin types Tea Tree - all skin types